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Expert Edges For Fishing Effectively With Long Hairs

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

I’ve always been a great fan of using long hairs. A common problem is that often the baits can slide on the hair though. This will happen mostly when you have your rigs out in the lake for long periods or when you use air-dried baits.

The result can be poor hooking and a hook pull during the fight as the baits have impeded the hook once a fish has picked it up. A very simple solution is to use a Solar Line Stop on the hair. Just slide it on the hair before putting a bait on and after attaching a bait slide the Line Stop against the back of the bait to effectively fix the bait in position on the hair.

To avoid any tangles on the cast, as a long hair can wrap around the hook, add a piece of Presentation Foam prior to casting to eliminate this problem completely. 

Now you will always have the perfect presentation and it gives you the possibility to fish with really long hairs without any worries. The Line Stops are available in two sizes, micro and small, and in both Weed Green and Lakebed Brown to really blend in on the bottom.

Dennis de Wilde