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A New Challenge

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

After a quick result on a high-pressure lake I decide to change venue due a busy work schedule. The lake in question is some distance and prebaiting is sometimes hard to combine with the work and family commitments. I decide to start on a local water which I’ve known of for some years but never seem to pick up the glove so to say.

It holds only 14 carp in some nine acres, but the prizes are worth it. The biggest one is a mid 50lb common, but that hasn’t been caught or seen for two years now. The second biggest is a mid 40lb common and the best one for me is an upper thirty, fully scaled. The rest of the stock are all between 25lb and upper 30lb. All in all a big enough challenge and as its only five minutes from my house - a great opportunity to spent some time in between work and family.

Fellow Solar team member, Ronald, has spent quite some time there last year and it took him 32 nights to get his first fish, So that shows the kind of lake it is. As he had the same plan, we decide to start fishing the lake together, which makes it a lot easier and more efficient. We both started baiting with the same bait, the Chinese Take-Away, but on different sides of the lake. As there is quite a lot of weed present in the margins I decide to fish with the rod tips high in the air to avoid the lines getting caught up. Also the aid of Line Biters ensure the lines stayed clear of the weed. This enabled me to use very slack lines and still have a good presentation.

Rig wise everything is kept very simple for me, one rod was setup with a chod rig and the other with a snowman presentation, both with Unleaded leaders. The first night passed without a sniff and so did the second. The lake is fairly busy and sees a fair bit of pressure both at the weekend and during the week. In fact, it can be busier mid week than at the weekend.

Ronald fished his first night this weekend and had a result landing the smallest common of the lake. While on the unhooking mat though it was venting out our Chinese Take-Away, so he had definitely been on the baited areas. As work is a bit hectic I hope I can squeeze a night in this week, otherwise the baiting campaign keeps going, which can only help off course!