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Chance Encounters

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

I went for a 24-hour trip to Heikant Syndicate lake. On arrival I fond that all of the swims were taken. I had a chat with Koen, a mate who was fishing in the corner, and set off to return home.

On my way I stopped at another club lake that I’ve had a ticket for, for the past three years, but only fished a couple of nights in total. Usually it is very busy, but to my surprise there was only one other angler on, so I decide to fish there.

At one side of the lake is the River Schelde. It only fishes properly on Sundays when there is no boat traffic, so it was a surprise to be on the bank for three hours and not see or hear a boat. Later on I found out that they were working on the sluices so there would not be any boats on that stretch for a whole week!

That was interesting as I now could also fish in the river, which was literally six meters away from my swim on the club lake. I could see that there were already a couple of anglers further down its banks - nice!

At around 2pm I had my very first River Schelde fish and at just over 20lb it was a good fish to for the river; I had not been so excited about a twenty pounder for a long time! I topped the swim up again with big Secrets and tried to get some sleep again.

At 9am I reeled in the rods on the club lake to find out that the crabs had eaten both of my 14mm Club Mix hook baits. I rebated them, this time with 20mm baits in the hope that they would stay on for a bit longer.

All remained quiet until 1pm when my close-in rod ripped off. The fish gave a good scrap and it took me some time to bring it back to the margins and in front of the net. After about 15 minutes a lovely common of 31lb was landed! Brilliant, a fish from both waters in the same session.

I was just about to pack up when my rod on the river burst into life again. Another common and at 21lb it was even bigger than his night time brother.

A session that was not planned, but turned into a very enjoyable one.