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Action Stations!

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Last Updated: 10th June 2013

It’s already a couple of weeks ago that I announced that my spring campaign was about to start, well, that’s exactly what I did by getting the best out of my days off of work, although the elements were not always with me.

The first week was spent by doing some redecoration, mainly painting, at home and some quality time with the missus. After that I was off to the big sandpit where I would be staying for quite some time. During the first days the weather gods were with me providing sunshine and a gentle breeze pushing warmer water into the shallows. The fish were not really showing yet, nonetheless they were feeding regularly during daytime. They definitely liked the warmth of the sun and some bait, of course.  Just like the previous session I peppered the general area where I was fishing with the new Seafood Take Away and carp were absolutely having them! After some really productive days with regular action the weather was about to change, resulting in loads of fish that started moving out of the area, showing themselves discreetly by popping their head and shoulders soundless out of the water. By then I’d caught the oldest remaining leather –a real character with his worn dorsal fin and wrinkled skin-at well over 37lb, a nice 38lb+ common, a fairly young but fast growing 43lb+ mirror and some other stockies as well as some of the originals.

While the weather turned into some kind of autumnal storm, cooling the water down I changed tactics and started to fish two rods in deeper water at around 14ft, one was in a bay that was sheltered form the wind and this proved a good move later on. On this particular rod I caught the old leather for the second time in less than a week. There was also one of the better growing stockies (32lb) that paid me a visit for the third time in a short period. It became absolutely clear that the fish love this new bait since they keep coming back for more!

After a couple of days being bivvy bound the action faded and the fish did the off. No wonder with this temperature drop and freezing wind. On one night I even had to strip down to recover my unhooking mat that was blown into the lake! It was when it started to rain again the day after the sun had shown itself again that I decided to call it quit and return to work to give it another try when better weather would be forecasted. It’s not that I wasn’t catching but it was just the odd fish every day and I had the feeling that the conditions were far from right to get the best out of my time so the revenge will be coming soon ‘cause it can’t rain all the time, can it?