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Welsey Lagaert's Carp Diary - March/April

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Last Updated: 5th June 2013

Well when I thought we had seen enough snow in February, we kept receiving the white flakes in great numbers.  Day temperatures way below zero, still cat ice in the margins and this for halfway through March.  It was our coldest winter since the meteorological research had started in Belgium.  I don’t have to tell you that fishing wise my “mood” was also kept to an absolute low.  To make it all even worse, a big mirror was found death on the shallows.   The fish was recognised as the “linear-mirror” and weighed just over 50lbs, a big loss.   As we all agreed on one last stocking which should have been taken place last year in November, we weren’t expecting the carp to be delivered anymore till October/November this year.  Then out off the blue, a syndicate member received a phone call that the carp would be delivered the 3rd week off March. It seemed that it was simply impossible to deliver the carp last year due to the savage weather they experienced whilst netting.  We’d rather received the carp last year instead of now, but there wasn’t much to do except getting our hands wet in the freezing cold water and stocking the carp.  We released in total 92 mirror carp, half off them really small ones off around 4-6lbs and the rest were between 12-18lbs.  Now fingers crossed that the final stocking works out fine but still facing the cold temperatures won’t help them a lot I reckon.  Meantime April arrived and the birth off our little baby was due.  As everything was sorted before her arrival it was about time to dive in my shed and prepare my fishing tackle for the coming season.   My choice off bait this year will be the new Seafood Take Away.  It’s a fish and crustacean meal bait packed with amino liquids with whole and micro halibut pellets rolled into the mix.  Of course I will also be using the ever faith full Club mix as it’s undeniable that a lot off big carp do get caught on this incredible bait.  Then 11/04 was the day that my daughter “Valentina” was born and became a very proud dad!  As luck would have it, she was born on the exact same day as my best mate Alain Servaes and 1 day to late for her English uncle Nick Helleur.  First 5 days were spent in hospital and finally we could bring our little precious home.  I never thought it would have such an impact on my life as I already can’t even imagine myself without here.  It is such a wonder!  In between bottles off milk and changing pampers I did tie up enough rigs which should me help to catch some decent fish. For my spring fishing I do like to use chod rigs with on the end a bright Pineapple, Top Banana, Dairy Cream or Jacko pop-up.   I’ve also tied on some short bottom bait rigs consisting out off 15lbs khaki Unleaded with a bit off shrink tube on the eye off a 101 wide gape hook.  As the carp are waking up, I do tend (same as in my winter fishing) to slim down my end tackle a bit and definitely keep my hooklinks short as when feeding they don’t move around a lot so I want to hook them as fast as possible.  Whilst typing this (26/04) two sunny days had passed leaving me fishless on the bank.  The first carp has yet to be caught on Integra lake, but with the water temperature rising I hope a change Is on the cards.

Take care, Wes