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Kurt Lands A Huge, 82lb Mirror

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Last Updated: 16th April 2013

On Friday March 29th an angling friend, Anton, and I arrived at the famous Rainbow Lake at around noon for our first session of the year.

Unfortunately, on arrival it seemed that swim 14 had been double booked, so it wasn\'t looking good, but the owner, Pascal, managed to get it sorted. After the usual talk and beer with Pascal we set of to go look around the lake and to see if there were any familiar faces already fishing.

In swim 19 was John Lilley who I know from previous trips and from the shows I\'ve been to in the UK. This was his third week of the current session and this week was the slowest so far with two fish for john and one for his mate Ian. With John and Ian in swim 16, we would be neighbours for the week ahead, as there isn’t really a swim 15 at Rainbow.

The guy\'s packing up from swim 14 had been there for two weeks, landing a total of nine carp in that time. While action didn’t seem to be too crazy, we were confident that we could be in for a few fish during our stay.

By Saturday evening only two of my four rods were in and sorted, having been in the swim in late that morning. The other two I decided to leave until Sunday rather than rush getting them out because I wanted to think about exactly were to put them. I want them on a spot where no other angler could block them off or affect them, because that happened to me before and killed the action for me for the entire session.

On Sunday afternoon I had a drop-back on the rod that was positioned in the back of the first channel in the islands on the left of the swim. At the end of my line was a big tench of around 10lb (4.5kg). The rig went back out to the same spot, but was quiet for the rest of the day. Come Monday morning, after some cups of coffee and a good breakfast suddenly saw Anton’s second rod, that was positioned at about 200m from the bank on a bar, hooped right over. He hadn’t heard the alarm so I yelled at him and he immediately replied with striking his rod. Because Anton doesn’t have very much experience with landing fish from a boat on snaggy waters I didn\'t jumped into the boat with him and we headed out after it. Once above the fish a nice fight started and eventually the fish gave up and was ready for the net. It was a common of 34lb, 15.5kg, and was Anton’s first Rainbow fish, which was celebrated with a fresh Jupiler!

Everything remained quiet until Tuesday, which was a gray day with a bit of rain. Here and there some fish were caught, with swim 18 doing well and swim 7/8/9 catching too. All other swims had one or two fish, but it seems that our side of the lake (swims 16,14,12,11) were struggling.

Wednesday morning we woke up in a heavy fog. It looked as if it was going to clear into a sunny day. Throughout the night I’d had some liners on the rods positioned in the cannels, but nothing came of them.

Thursday was again a rainy day. I was sitting in the bivvy writing some things down when suddenly I heard a big fish crash out not far from the bank. I immediately decided to take one of the rods that had been motionless since Saturday out and to move it near the spot where the fish showed. At 4:30pm one of Anton’s rods rattled off and it was my turn, and so I struck. To keep it fait, we take it in turns in hitting the rods. came alive. With this rod not placed too far out, I decided to play the fish from the bank. Almost instantly the fish came to the surface and it stayed there for the whole way back to the net. At first I thought it was a small fish because it didn\'t put up a fight, nothing at all, but after half a minute or so it started to feel heavy and just before I slid the net under it, I recognized it as the Briggsy fish. I couldn\'t believe my eyes, especially because it was recently caught, I believe the week before in swim 11. The fish was carefully weighed and the cameras were clicking away. It weighed 82lb, 37.3kg. An absolutely magnificent fish!

Suddenly one of Anton’s rods in open water hooped over. This time Anton had the confidence to go and get the fish on his own while I returned my huge mirror and prepared the mates etc for his return. He came back with a big smile and a good fish, a big scaled mirror of 47lb, 21.6kg was his prize and a new PB!

Then, all went quiet untill the last night, I had to go out to the channel for a bream. That was it really. So all together I think we can say that we had a good week and a good start of the season. All of the takes were on either Club Mix or Red Herring boilies tipped with a 14mm Dairy Cream or Quench pop-up.