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Spring Tip 11

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Last Updated: 11th April 2013

Rogier Smit says:

“My top tip for spring is to fish hi-viz pop-ups, with pink, yellow, orange and white being the ones that work best for me. These presented on a short chod rig, which is set up to allow it to slide on a Contour Unleaded leader and used in conjunction with a fluorocarbon main line is always my spring starting point.

“It’s a winner for fishing on shallow, holding areas which will be receiving the early spring sun, which will also be among the first areas of the lake to get silkweed growth on the bottom, hence the chod rig. Look at which areas of the lake are receiving the most sun throughout the day as this is where the carp will likely be shoaled up at the moment. Also, don’t forget to fish with slack lines and you will be rewarded.”