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Spring Tip 7

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Last Updated: 8th April 2013

Geert Ooms says:
“Wtih the winter behind us, you may expect sediments such as dead weed, rotting leaves etc on the bottom and, with the increasing daylight hours, the first signs of silkweed growth. It is of vital importance to know exactly what you’re fishing over so that you can tailor your rigs and baiting strategy to best effect. Try to use a marker to investigate the nature of the bottom and search for clean spots. Places where carp have spent their time are kept clean by the fish, so finding clean spots often equals finding fish!
“Try to accurately mark these spots and go light on baiting. Mini-Spombs are ideal for delivering small amounts of bait spot on. However, use these markers and Spombs to your advantage without whipping the water to foam!”