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A Week In The Best Big-Fish Swim In The World

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Last Updated: 18th September 2012

Last week I was lucky enough to fish the fantastic Rainbow Lake and better still I got to fish swim 18! This is without doubt the most exciting, and best, big fish swim in the world. My friend Jan was joining me, fishing from swim 17.

My plan was to fish the days only as Rainbow normally produces best during the day and swim 18 is very snaggy, and so difficult to fish safely and effectively at night. However, in the weeks leading p to my trip I heard that the lake was doing a lot of bites during the night, so I was a bit confused as to what to do. As a compromise I decided to fish every other night, baiting and resting the swim on the nights I wasn’t fishing and setting the alarm early to get the rods back out at first light.

The first night didn’t produce any action apart from some grass carp. I started off with a mixture of Club Mix Cream boilies, 365 pellets, Bag Mix, hemp and mixed particles, but it seemed that the small baits were just attracting the grass carp and so I switched to using a boilie-only approach. The carp followed quickly after the change of tactics and, with most of the action being during the day, I decided to stop fishing at night altogether. Fishing swim 18 is so intense that a good night’s sleep is very welcome, plus it’s a favorite tactic of mine to rest and bait swims regularly. The most important point though was the fish safety, and by the end of the session I hadn’t lost a single fish in the snags.

To cut a long story short, I ended up with nine fish with a 57lb 3oz (26kg) common and a 67lb 5oz (30.6kg) mirror being the biggest. Both of these were PBs, so I was really happy with the result.

The proven tackle and bait I used was Solar’s Club Mix Cream boilies, with 80lb Unleaded leaders, 40lb Unleaded hook links, size 1 and 2 Stronghold 101 hooks and 10oz Rainbow Leads with all the carp being tamed and landed on Sonik Sports’ NCT Carp rods.