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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - August 2012

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Last Updated: 31st August 2012

After a very productive month in July I hoped that the form would continue and I could say the same thing about August. Unfortunately, it simply didn\'t turn out that way, although there were some surprises in store.

I kept the bait going in on a regular basis, but this succeeded only in attracting the bream, lots off bream. The weather in August was hot, really hot, with quite a few days well over 30oC. Most of the carp were being caught in numbers from the shallow swims, way out off my region of the lake so I threw the towel in for a while and just left the swim alone. I stopped baiting up too, as I didn\'t want to become the lake’s top bream angler!

On the third weekend of August we had again planned our yearly fishing/social weekend with Angelo, Alain and my wife. It\'s a weekend packed with eating, drinking having fun and yes, a bit off fishing too. Due to the hot weather though we\'ve spent more time in the lake than sat around it fishing. Even so, we managed three takes that weekend and lost one directly after hooking it. I was the lucky one as on Sunday morning I landed a 33lb common on two, 18mm Cub Mix boilies.

That was it for August, but September is just around the corner and hopefully the fish will get their heads down more often as the weather changes and they start feeding up in autumn. I’m certainly looking forward to it as there is also a well-earned holiday on the cards combined with a bit off fishing in France, and of course the Solar fish-in which just CAN\'T be missed.

Take care, Wes