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    RARE 41lb MIRROR

    This awesome 41lb+ mirror is a very rare visitor to the bank, landed by team member Ignace de Roeck on an overnighter using the Original Red Herring boilies

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Quick-Hit Common

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Last Updated: 10th August 2017

How about this for a quick-hit result. Hitting the banks of a target water near his home in northeast France after a shift at work, team member Thomas Mascha landed this 45lb 10oz common in just a couple of hours before packing up and heading home.

“Time was tight and so I’d already prepared some PVA sticks of Candy Floss Up & Down Mix and my rigs were ready to go, baited with Candy Floss snowman hook baits,” explains Thomas. “I knew the area that I wanted to be in and as soon as I arrived in the swim I got the rods out within minutes, and then scattered a handful of prepared Blitz Mix particles over the top.

“Just over an hour later one of the rods had a slow take. A great fight followed, with the fish buring itself in a few weedbeds, before I finally slipped this big common over the net cord.”


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