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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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One-Night Stand

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Last Updated: 4th July 2017

Team member Wesley Lagaert has returned to his ‘home syndicate’ after 2 months away, the Integra syndicate in Belgium. Falling straight back into his rhythm Wes landed 5 carp, two twenties and three thirties to 38lb+, in a single overnighter.


Wesley explains: “The last time I fished my ‘home lake’ was exactly 2 months ago.  I stopped fishing on the first of May as the fish were leaving ‘my’ area in search of shallow water in preparation for spawning.

“So it was time to let the lake rest a bit a move on to pastures new. Me and my mate Alain Servaes were already targeting another lake from the start of the season, so this started to received our full attention attention. We'd got on pretty well, but that adventure is news for another time.

“Come July 1st, with the weather being much colder then previous weeks, it was time to fish an overnighter back on my ‘home lake’… and I felt quite confident.  It was early afternoon when I baited the swim with 5kg Tunamino boilies and prepared my tackle.  I’d soaked my hook baits in Stimulin Amino and tied on a Jacko Pop pop-up.

“Just before dark I cast the rods out to the baited area and spread around another kilo of boilies over the top. It didn't take long before I started to received liners, but I still had to wait till 1:30am before one of the rods went off.

“After an eventful fight I netted a chunky mirror carp, which weighed 33lb on the nose. With the rod back on the spot I had to wait till 5am when the same rod was away again. While playing that carp I saw 2 more carp crash out over the baited area, so I knew more fish were feeding.

“The mirror weighed just over 22lb and was returned immediately. Eagerly awaiting another take, it took another 3 hours before finally another rod burst into life.  A big mirror surfaced and after some scary moments he finally slid over the net cord. The big-bellied, two-tone mirror weighed 38lb+ and while taking pictures of it another rod rattled off resulting in another mirror off 36lb+. Lovely times!

“To make it all even better I'd landed my fifth mirror carp at 25lb just before packing up. I’m really looking forward to spending more fishing time in this area later in the season.”