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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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Opportunity Knocks

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Last Updated: 23rd May 2017
This awesome, scaly, original, 32lb mirror has been landed by team member Ignace de Roeck using TunaMino boilies, along with two 20lb commons as he grabbed an opportunity just before the carp in his target water started to spawn.
Ignace explains: “Last week I did a three-day session on the Belgian Waesmere syndicate. To be honest, it was a lot of fun, relaxed and peaceful, certainly after a very busy period at work. It was also a big risk, bearing in mind that the fish could start spawning.
“Leading up to the trip the weather forecast predicted warm temperatures for a few days and my gut feeling was that I could be wasting my time. It was a gamble, but I decided to go anyway. I arrived early on Monday morning to the syndicate I was surprised that only 2 other anglers were present, and last but not least the swim that I had in mind was free.
“This swim will give me the opportunity to target both deeper water and the shallow area, which I though would give me the chance of intercepting one or two as they moved towards the shallows in preparation for spawning. During the day I would put both rods onto the shallow zone, and for the night I’d target the deeper areas. I had 3 days ahead of me, so during the day time I could try different rigs and set ups such as chods, hinged stiff rigs and striaght-forward bottom bait rigs trying to find something the fish will respond to.
“Both the shallow spots and the deeper areas were baited with Tunamino boilies. During the first day I caught a lot of bream. If it was a coarse fishing match then I would have definitely finished on the podium! Bream were not the target though, so another approach was needed.
“I decided to put the rods on to the deeper areas earlier in the day in preparation for the night, as the bream were less active here. At 1am the first bite came and resulted in a small common. A few hours later I had another take on the second rod and this time there was much more resistance on the other end.
“When I finally landed the carp I recognized this immediately. It’s one of a few fully scaled mirrors and one of the originals. I was extremely satisfied with the 32lb old warrior. For the rest of the following day and night it was remarkably calm. I didn’t have a good feeling about it, and certainly not when at the dawn a sturgeon was hooked. That said enough. The carp were not around anymore and certainly not actively in search of food.
“Getting ready to pack up, thinking that the carp had switched into spawning mode, I had a take completely out of the blue. It came from the shallow area. A small common around the 20lb mark was the result. Winding the other rod in I grabbed my Polaroid and went for a look in the shallow corner. I could not believe what I saw. It was black with them, all chasing each other… and not just the small ones.
“There were a lot of recognizable carp about the 40lb mark and even some fifties. It was incredible to look at, but on the other hand it was a bit frustrating. I knew that my chances were over.
“As predicted by the follow morning I’d had no more takes. I had another look at the spawning ground and decided to packing up the gear and head home.
I’ll leave it alone for a few weeks before returning. This time I will be joined by fellow Solar team member Dennis De Wilde.”