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    RARE 41lb MIRROR

    This awesome 41lb+ mirror is a very rare visitor to the bank, landed by team member Ignace de Roeck on an overnighter using the Original Red Herring boilies

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Huge 64lb 10oz mirror landed

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Last Updated: 3rd February 2017

Take a look at this incredible 64lb 10oz mirror landed on a Top Banana pop-up by fieldtester Fred Ducros. Fred was targeting a hard, private gravel pit near Toulouse called Araix that he'd been concentrating on for some time.

Presenting a Top Banana pop-up hook bait over a spread of home-made boilies soaked in Top Banana Mega Big Shot Lquid did the trick on this occasion, prodcing the only fish of the 3-day session, but what a fish!


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