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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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Autumn Hauling!

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Last Updated: 17th October 2016

Team member Wesley Lagaert’s incredible autumn season just gets better and better. Again, fishing mid-week overnighters between shifts at work Wes landed two thirties and a forty in a single night using TunaMino boilies.


Wesley explains: “After a slow start to the week, having caught one thirty on Tuesday night and a twenty on Wednesday night, everything came good on the Thursday night and I had three bites off my baited area.

“Because the action had been a bit slow, I baited less than on the previous nights, Spombing 1.5kg of TunaMino boilies over the area, and this time I opted for snowman hook baits.

“It wasn’t really ‘fishing weather’ with high pressure and a cold easterly wind, but the fish moved on to the bait all the same. At midnight the first rod tore off and after a great fight I landed a 38lb fully scaled mirror, which was venting the bait out all over the unhooking mat. It was a recapture, but when they look as impressive as this one did, who cares!

“Thirty minutes later I was in again, this time slipping a 40lb mirror into my net. Thankfully I managed to get a couple of hours sleep before the third take came, another screaming run which came at 6:30am, resulting in another mirror, this time at 30lb.”


This session takes Wes’ big-fish tally in the past couple of weeks alone to 8 thirties and 1 forty, and we’ve just had word that he landed another upper thirty and another forty last night as well!


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