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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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Big Mirrors

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Last Updated: 27th September 2016
Among great food and good times, Ignace de Roeck and Bart Machielsen landed three stunning big carp at the annual Solar Team Social.
Fishing a highly pressured lake they had never seen before the pair used the new TunaMino boilies to land 3 impressive mirrors, two upper thirties and a mid forty. Ignace explains:
“It was Friday afternoon when we all came together at the Duck Lake in Belguim for the Solar reunion fish in. The main purpose of the event was a social happening and to catch up with some good friends, but with the Duck Lake holding a good stock of big fish, there was enough ‘targets’ to grab everyone’s attentions too.
“I was going to fish alongside of my good pal Bart Machielsen, so we opted for one of the double swims. It was the first time we both fished the lake, and we chose a point at the far end of the lake look that gave us access to a quiet corner and plenty of open water in front.
“The plan was to fish in the edge in the quiet corner, positioning baits on clear areas just behind the weed. In the open water we found a large, clear plateau surrounded by quite deep water. With our spots found we baited each of them with a helping of the new TunaMino boilies before joining the other guys in the evening for a pizza feast.
“With the social bit done for the evening we headed back to the swim shortly before midnight and got the rods out. At 4 am my left-hand rod screamed in to life and 10 minutes later a gorgeous carp was slipped into the new. For a new water a 38lb 3oz mirror was a very good start!
“A similar format followed the second evening. We had a lovely social among friends with a massive BBQ prepared by fellow team member Alain Servaes. After a good social night it was time to get the rods back out, and some more TunaMino freebies. There are a lot of seagulls and birds at the Duck Lake, which make baiting up with boilies during the day difficult, but no problem in the hours of darkness.
“Between 3am and 4am both rods placed in the open water produced and Bart and I managed to land to superb mirrors. Mine was a 38lb and Bart’s was a stunning 44lb carp.
“In the end, we’d had a total of 8 runs between us all on the social and landed 6 fish. Actually, that is a very good result for a highly pressured lake like this one. I can’t wait till next year’s solar fish in.”