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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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Short Session Magic

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Last Updated: 15th August 2016

“A couple of days ago I managed to free up a little time to go fishing. I only had one day free, so I decided that I target the gravel pit where I landed the 40lb+ Black Common from earlier in the year.

“Leading up to the session I prebaited an area, but on my second, and final, pre-baiting trip before the session, the swim I wanted to bait-up was occupied.

“So, finding an area of the lake I’d never fished before I got the marker rod out and found a few clear areas to bait up with TunaMino boilies.

“The following day I was back with my fishing gear and although my first spot was still occupied, thankfully the new area was free.

“First job was to get some more TunaMino boilies scattered over the spots, and with that done I got to setting up and positioned a TunaMino hook  bait on each spot.

“The first 2 hours passed without event. I hadn’t seen or heard any fish activity when out of the blue my middle rod screamed off. I picked the rod up and leant into a hard-fighting fish when the left-hand rod screamed off as well!

“It was chaotic and bit messy, but eventually both fish were landed, a 25lb common and a mirror of 28lb 5oz. Thankfully, I’d set two landing nets up just in case!

“Pictures done and the carp returned I re-baited both spots with more TunaMino freebies and got the rigs back out there. Again everything was quiet, but a few hours later I had another take, this time a slower, more determined take.

“Instantly I knew this was a better fish, fighting slow and deep. This particular lake is quite deep and very clear and as the fish got closer to the bank I caught sight of a large common twisting in the deep water.

“There are only a few commons in this lake that are that size, so it had to be one of the ‘bigguns’. It was, and at 46lb it was an incredible fish. I couldn’t believe it, two twenties and a mid forty in a morning.

“Later that afternoon I was in again, and this one felt like another really big fish. It slowly kited from right to left and somehow managed to pick up one of my other lines and then find a snag, so I lost that one… gutted.”

“Not to be one to end such a great session on a downer, as I was packing up the middle rod was away again, followed by a long, heavy fight in the deep water. With my heart in my mouth a big mirror broke the surface and slid easily over the net cord. It was one I’d caught earlier in the year, which tipped the scales this time at 40lb 5oz.

“The perfect way to round off the session and with 5 takes and two forties landed in just 8 hours, it’s a session I won’t forget in a hurry. It goes to show that you don’t have to have loads and loads of time on your hands to get the results.” 


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