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    This impressive 45lb common has been landed by team member Julien Porquest from a pressured, big-fish venue. A Candy Floss pop-up fished over The Originals did the business.

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TunaMino Bags An Old Original

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Last Updated: 5th August 2016

Surrey-based Solar Tackle field tester Daryl Brazier has landed this old, original warrior from a big southern pit.

Daryl explains: “After a walk around one of my target waters, a big southern pit, I settled on a swim opposite a central island. Locating a hard area at around 90 yards off the island I baited up with 2kg of TunaMino boilies that I’d soaked in Chilli Club Big Shot liquid.

“Hook bait was a 14mm TunaMino bottom bait, which I’d drilled out and inserted some cork into to create a wafter.

“After a quiet night the middle rod tore off in the morning. After an epic battle that I thoroughly enjoyed I slipped one of the well-known, old originals into my net in the form of this 26lb 10oz mirror.”


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