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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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Two Hectic Nights On The TunaMino

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Last Updated: 15th June 2016
Team member Wesley Lagaert has landed 8 carp to 41lb 10oz in 2 nights from the Integra syndicate near his Belgian home.
Fishing Friday night and Saturday night, and not fishing through the days, Wes landed 4 carp each night/morning, the smallest of which was 22lb and the biggest tipping the scales at 41lb 10oz.
Putting the new TunaMino test baits through their paces, Wes presented a straight bottom bait hook bait over a bed of matching freebies to take all 8 carp.
To round off the session Wes hooked into something really big, but after battling it for 35 minutes the hook pulled!
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