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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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Solar Team Members Going For Gold

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Last Updated: 16th May 2016
Congratulations to Solar team member Ashley Izzard and fishing partner Darren Pearce who qualified in second place in the British Southern Carp Cup qualifier at the weekend, held on Orchard Place Farm.
Using the new TunaMino test baits, the pair kicked their match off well landing a 31lb 10oz mirror shortly after the match kicked off on Friday and continued their form right over the weekend, finishing up with 17 carp for a total weight of 298lb 9oz.
Ashley explains: “We turned up at the lake on Thursday evening to have a walk around the venue and sort out our peg choices in preparation for the ‘dreaded’ draw on Friday morning. We spotted a few fish and had a good idea where we wanted to be.
“Surprisingly (as I don’t usually have good luck with the draw bag), we came out second and got our second choice swim, so we were really pleased. Better still, the peg to our left, an area of shallow water, was left empty and more and more fish moved into that area over the weekend, helped by the fact it was ‘quiet’ water and the warm weather.
“All the rods were clipped up to a spot towards the middle of the islands out in open water. We got some bait out there, Solar’s new TunaMino, and when the match kicked off at midday two rods were placed over the baited area and the other two rods were being used as ‘rovers’ with a TunaMino hook bait and a PVA bag of maggots and crushed boilies, all dipped in Marine 17 liquid.
“A few hours past before we landed our first fish, a 9lb mirror. Minutes later, one of Darren’s rods was away and he landed a 31lb 10oz mirror and then it kicked off. We landed a few doubles from over the baited area and then bang, I landed a 30lb mirror. By the first evening we’d had 6 fish, including two thirties, so we were well happy.
“Action then slowed through until Saturday evening, when it switched on again and, with the same tactics, caught consistently. Our tally was up to 15 carp by the end of Saturday evening. Then, the weather changed, the temperatures dropped and the fish switched off around the who lake.
“Working at it, Darren and I managed to nick two more bites on the Sunday, mirrors of 17lb and 25lb, before the final whistle.”
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