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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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Job Done!

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Last Updated: 13th May 2016

Martin Neale has landed the three biggest commons from his Kent syndicate water in just two trips… his first two using the new TunaMino test baits.

Following the capture of The Big Common from his Kent syndicate water, the biggest common in the lake, Solar tackle team member Martin headed back to the venue 5 days later, and promptly landed the second and third biggest commons. In two trips, he’s now landed all of the target fish he joined the venue to catch, and he only got his ticket for the lake a few weeks ago.


Martin explains: “I went down to the lake on Friday evening after work. Had a look in the Boat House Bay, which is where I landed The Big Common from a few days earlier, but someone was already in there. So, I continued round to a swim called the Clear View, which is in an arm off the main body of the lake. I fished the Friday night here, but didn’t see or hear anything. When I woke on Saturday morning it didn’t look good for a bite.

“ I went for a walk round, but didn’t see much. So an hour later I went for another walk around. In the swim to the right of one called the Helicopter (I don’t know the actual swim’s name), there’s a bay opposite (a good 50 yards) called The Shallow Bay. The wind was pushing in to the bay and a raft of floating weed had built up in it. Looking across in to the bay I saw a fish show, I dropped my water bottle in the swim as I already had that with me and went to get the get.

“By the time I was set back up in the new swim it was about 3pm. All three rods were positioned in the bay, each with a critically balanced hook bait of the new TunaMino boilie and a Candy Floss pop-up, and each rig had a PVA bag with just three TunaMino baits in it.

“That evening I started to doze off when I heard a fish jump. It was in the right-hand side of the bay. I had a rod over there, but not that close to the bank, so I redid the rod, casting it as close to the ‘scum line’ where the weed was bunched up as I could get it.

“Over the next hour and a bit I had 4 takes on that one rod, the biggest fish was one they call ‘The Thirty Common’ (the third biggest common in the lake), which actually weighed 29lb 12oz! The others were two doubles and a 20lb 12oz common.

“That was it for the night, but I had a feeling the action would stop as the wind dropped and the weed drifted out of the bay.

“I tried to get them on the top with floaters the following morning, but with no joy. At about midday the weed started to bunch back up in the bay, but this time there were no ‘shows’.

“Putting the rods back out in the bay I had another four takes, all from 1pm to 6pm. The biggest of the four this time was the sought-after Champaign Common (the second biggest common in the lake) at 31lb 14oz, with the other three being upper doubles.

“It was incredible, I’d landed the three biggest commons in the lake in a little over a week, on two, weekend trips.”


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