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    40lb+ MIRROR

    Alain Servaes has landed this old, scaly mirror at 40lb 4oz along with 9 other carp over 20lb in a single overnight session while using the Originals Club Mix boilies.

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Two Tonford Thirties

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Last Updated: 11th May 2016
Following the capture of 'Lumpy' from Mid Kent Fisheries' Tonford Lake last week, Jake Anderson has continued his run of success on this tricky venue by landing two of the lake's thirties.
On his first session with our new TunaMino test baits the Solar Tackle team member landed the sought-after '3 Scale' mirror at 30lb 8oz and quickly followed that capture by landing a 30lb 6oz common.
Jake presented a TunaMino Bottom bait coupled with a Stronghold 101 hook over a small bed of freebies to tempt both fish, and now sees his tally for Tonford at 4 carp, including two of the known targets.
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