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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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Target Landed

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Last Updated: 5th May 2016

Solar Tackle team member Martin Neale has landed his target fish from a shallow, weedy, Kent syndicate lake on only his third trip to the venue, and on his first time at the water with Solar’s new Tunamino test baits.


“Like many anglers, I’d planned a trip over the bank-holiday weekend,” explains Martin. “I’d joined the syndicate for one fish in particular, The Big Common, and my ticket on this water only started 3 weeks ago and this was to be my third ever session at the lake.

“As soon as my ticket had come through I headed straight to the lake for a walk around, as you do when you have a new ticket! There’s an area called Boat House Bay where I though the bigguns would come from, and the middle swim, the bay has three swims, looked to be ‘the one’.

“The middle swim has a lot of water in front of it, with a reed line opposite and is exactly where I wanted to be for the bank-holiday session.

“Taking the Friday off work, I got to the swim, panicing as you do that it would be taken. Thankfully, the swim was free and I dropped in. Leading around, I found a couple of clear areas among the weed and baited them with hemp and Solar’s new Tunamino boilies that are currently being tested.

“I persisted for three days, but no takes were forthcoming… only birds. On the Monday morning they started showing close in, about 20 yards from the bank. They were showing in a line in front of me, but 8 shows were on the same spot right in front of the swim and one of the carp that went over on that spot was a big common.

“I would in, cut off the chod rigs that I had been using, tied on a couple of bottom bait rigs and flicked them out. By 2pm they’d stopped showing. I wound in and swapped the helicopter set ups, which I’d left on from using the chods, over to lead clip set ups. I flicked the rigs back out to the same spots, with half a Tunamino bottom bait topped with three quarters of a Candy Floss pop-up and trimmed so that the hook bait was ultra critically balanced. I then threw 5 Tunamino freebies, by hand, around each rod.

“I honestly thought the opportunity had passed me by, as I hadn’t seen any more shows. I was just having a bite to eat and the bobbin on the left-hand rod, which was sitting on the deck with a slack line, pulled half-way up and stopped. I said to the other bloke in my swim that was paying me a visit that I’d been done. A few seconds later it pulled up tight and I was in.

“On picking up the rod the main line was like a washing line, full of weed. The fish didn’t do too much to be honest. It waddled a bit and kited left to right, but it didn’t put up much of fight.

“Once I had it in the net I knew straight away which one it was. It was The Big Common, and I couldn’t believe it. On the scales it went 37lb 8oz.  I was blown away. My second fish out of the lake on only my third session, the first fish was a stocky landed on my first night.

“ I told the guys at work before going that I knew I was going to have that fish on this trip. I had a feeling that if I could get into the swim I wanted, I’d have it… and I did. It’s easy to say in hindsight, but it’s true.”


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